JAVA APPLET EasyButton v2.5

Author: Danilo Kozub Homepage:

Last update: January 31st, 2001

EasyButton is my version of the very popular type of  applets to create animated menu buttons and decorate your page. It was designed to make the process of creating new cool buttons much easier.

Main features:


v2.4 - September  1th, 2000
Some bugs removed

v2.3 - June 9th, 2000
Tab effect

v2.2 - April 9th, 2000
Support of counters
More reliable  user font loading algorithm

v2.1 - April 5th, 2000
Enhanced compatibility with old versions of Netscape

v2.0 - April 4th, 2000
User fonts support :
Image loading enhanced

v1.5 - March 19th, 2000
Animated colors improvements
Animated color support for background, 
"underline","rect" and "gradient" effects
"UpdateTime" parameter added

v1.4 - March 14th, 2000
Animated text color supported

v1.3 - March 9th, 2000
new color constants (blue+40,red-20)
New effects ("lightline","sphere")

v1.2 - March 3rd, 2000
Special effects ("gradient fill", "rectangle", "underline", 'light" , "3D button")
new color constants (blue-) 


The latest version of this applet you can always be found at my site ( if you downloaded this page from other site.

If you want to be notified about applets updates just send me a message with the subject "Add to EasyButton mail list".

Please, send me URL of your page with EasyButton menu - I'd like to create list of EasyButton users and choose the best designer.


Links: - Great examples and templates by Chuck Shirley

http://www.netcolognede/~nc-fischema13/index.htm - Martin Fischer

Mail me to add link to your great site with EasyButtons

Feel free to ask questions or send your comments to me.