3D Java player.I wrote a kind of hybrid applet. It does not generate 3D animation at the run time. On the contrary Java applet just plays recorded 3D movies. Each picture (frame) is very much alike to the previous one. So I can compress this file very efficiently. I believe that it makes sense to use the applet with quite simple objects that consist of 50-300 polygons. The size of such record will be from 4K to 30K. The size of the applet is 16K. When viewing my site the applet is loaded on your local machine only once plus 4K for each rotating letter and 20K for more complex things.

This is java applet with 3D animation

There are other ways to create animation on your page.

Animated GIF.The most simple is to place animated gif on you page.The problem is that it takes a lot of space even for simples records of 5-20 frames.

VRML.You can also include VRML files to you page. It makes possible to use complicated 3D objects and spaces and to link them with other sites. But as far a I know you can't use VRML file as a part of your page. You should open it and navigate in the VR space. Moreover I do not know what is percent of browsers that support VRML.

3D Java viewer.There is also a way to generate 3D animation dynamically by Java applet. Visit to see what I mean. The problem is that you need to download quite complex Java applet to see the simplest things. Performance questions are to be considered as well.


Take a look at some 3D samples 

Free downloads

Download free sample pages and a set of rotation letters (A-Z).

Making your own page

You can easily insert animation to your page if you have any notion of HTML. You just need to copy from my samples all text inside <applet ... /applet> to your page and change some parameters.

Full list of parameters you can found here:

Parameter Type Default value Description
Data string null Name of the file with data ("Arrows.gif")
DataURL sting null Additional URL to find data file (obsolete)
Color_x color* gray (x = 0,1,2 ...) Color of the object "x". Color_1 is used for second object.
Background color* gray Background color of the applet.
Wallpaper string null Image that will be used for filling background.
WPOriginX int 0 Shift of the wallpaper
WPOriginY int 0 Shift of the wallpaper
Text string null Scrolling text
TextColor color* gray Color of the text
TextSize int 12 Font size
TextBefore int 0 0-text behind object, 1-text before object, 2-in turns
TextSpeed int 2 Speed of the scrolling text.
TextStyle string plain "plain","italic","bold","bold_italic"
TextAlign string top "top","bottom","center"
TextY int 0 Offset in pixels from the top, bottom of center
FontName string null "helvetica","courier", so on
Sleep int 0 1-Animation does not start until user clicks applet.
Debug int 0 1-Information about speed in frames per second is printed.
Speed int 1 Specify "n" to play frames with numbers 0,n,2n,3n.
FramesPerSecond int 30 Applet tries to stabilize speed to the specified rate.
Magnify double 1 You can change size of the object inside the applet by setting different value.
Rotate double 0 Initial angle of the whole picture in the plane of screen.
RotateSpeed double 0 Increment of the above angle per frame.
Copyright string Can not be changed or omitted. Should be set to
"(c) Danilo Kozub, 1996-1998"
Address string Can not be changed or omitted. Should be set to
" , tel: +38-0572-477676"
Registration string Can not be changed or omitted. Should be set to "Dan Kozub" or to the name of customer which ordered it.

color* - All color can be constant or animated. A known bug : color is set as B,G,R.

Examples of constant color : "145,124,12","red","green","blue","pink","orange","magenta","cyan","white","yellow","gray","grey","black","darkGray",

Examples of animated color:
"gray|10|black|20" - gray changes to black during 10 frames, then black changes to gray during 20 frames
you can also directly specify RGB values of animated color "0,0,255|100|0,255,0|300"